Friday, August 16, 2013

Princess Bibs

Since May I have made 4 large quilts:  an extra long twin, two 70x70 inchers, and a queen.  I have already shared one of the 70" squared quilts here and will soon be posting about the others, but I have been itching to work on something 'less involved.'

I have had a half yard of this princess fabric sitting around for quite awhile.  Finally inspiration struck and I decided to make my daughter a simple dress using this tutorial.  However, I wasn't paying much attention to the directionality of the princesses, and cut the dress pieces so the princesses were all upside down.  For some reason I had thought they were just tossed facing all different directions.

While she could have worn a shirt with the princesses upside down (which would have been right side up for her!), I just wasn't feeling it.  So I decided to salvage what material I could and make bibs out of them.  I needed to add in some extra length and so I pieced in the yellow and pink fabrics.

I like to back my bibs in chenille.  I got this tip from the blog NanaCompany, and she has a fantastic post all about her favorite fabrics for bibs here.  I don't use any batting between the top fabric and chenille.  I do quilt 1/4" from the patchwork lines and then topstitch all the way around the bib as close the edge as I dare.  I love the way the chenille pokes out slightly around the edges.

I'm off to try and make that dress...


  1. I love this princess fabric line and these bibs are darling.

  2. Love the bibs - the princess is absolutely adorable!

  3. So precious! What a fun project. Here from FIUF.