Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Snappy {Baby} Dress

So I made the Snappy Toddler Dress, which says its a pattern for a 12-18 month old.  My daughter at 7 months, hanging out in the 95th percentiles in height and weight, is currently wearing sizes in the 12-18 month range so thats why it's a Snappy {Baby} Dress for us!  It's a perfect fit right now and she's starting to drop a little weight now that she's crawling so I think it'll last us awhile.

I haven't done much garment sewing but would like to start making more stuff for my kiddos so I thought I'd start with this dress.  It was pretty easy to follow and I am happy with the results!  I used one of her current dresses to estimate the length, and its cute just as a dress or with leggin's.

I used some vintage snaps from my grandmother's sewing box :).  These are the same ones I used for the Princess Bibs.

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  1. Oh my that is so cute!! I just love round collars on girls clothes.

  2. Adorable! .. I've just started sewing clothes for my little ones too - it's nice to give something different a try isn't it?