Friday, February 14, 2014

The Royal Rumble… aka Scrap Vomit

Have you ever seen a quilt and then dreamt about it because you wanted to make it so badly?!  Well that's what happened to me when I saw the scrap vomit quilt over on  Katy's blog.  I poured over the tutorial and started cutting my scraps into many 2.5" squares.  

So I began sewing the blocks and soon realized this was going to take a long time if I was going to be so choosey about which print went where.  I have a problem that even when I make a scrappy or improve quilt I can't quite let go completely.  What appears as randomness is actually quite thought out. So this quilt was a good lesson in letting go if I ever planned to finish this thing in a timely manner.  I think I started this quilt around June 2012 :)

The quilt measures 98" square and everything is scrappy with the exception of the solid black in the diamonds and the backing.  I ran out of gray for inside the diamonds so I used up a solid blue from my stash, and luckily it created a good secondary design element!  I gave myself a break with the back and ordered 108" wide red polkadot fabric.  I quilted on the diagonal in one direction through every square since there are so many seams. 

When I explained to my husband that it was all out of scraps from previous projects he proclaimed "So it's like a royal rumble… you better keep this one." So that's how it got named and how it's now on our guest bed :)  

This was a labor of love and to be honest, I'm still shocked it's finished!  

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  1. Wow! What a fabulous finish! And a LOT of little squares! Love the scrappy happy layout and the backing! Happy Valentine's Day, Rachel!

  2. Rachel, it's gorgeous! Such fabulous colours and scrappiness :-) I love that this is a snapshot of all your past projects. I really love the grey and blue diamonds - so beautiful. And if you hadn't said you'd changed to blue because you ran out of grey, I'd have assumed it was always the plan, because it looks so absolutely perfect! The red on the back and the scrappy binding - it's just lovely. (Gosh, I've used a lot of adjectives here, but I like it!!) congrats on the finish!
    (And thanks for linking in :-])

  3. Oh wow - this is GORGEOUS. All the scrappy colours together are just pure happiness xx.

  4. Wow - this is huge. Looks great too. I can't quite do random scrappy either - there are a few of us out there like that:)

  5. Your quilt is stunning! Amazing what a person can make out of scraps. It's really bright and vibrant.

  6. Wow your quilt is amazing. I have seen Katy's version and It prompted me to join in a few vomit swaps. But I haven't done anything with them yet. This is very inspiring!! Well done

  7. Your quilt is fabulous. Very inspiring.