Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I am joining the Finish-A-Long for their final quarter.  I need some accountability and cheering in order to finish up all these projects.  This is by no means a complete list of all my UFOs, but if I can finish these before 2014 I will be thrilled!!!

#1:  My "Royal Rumble" {aka Scrap Vomit} quilt.  Last Thanksgiving and Christmas we had a ton of family staying over night and it turned out I had not enough blankets and quilts to go around!  Needless to say as a quilter I was shocked and a little embarrassed.  This quilt was started in hopes of outfitting my house with more quilts and using up my collection of scrap 2.5" squares.  It will finish at 98" squared therefore the basting and quilting seems daunting.

#2:  The Sunburst Picnic quilt.  This quilt top has been finished for at least a year.  I bought some grass green duck canvas for the back but then found some natural canvas in my stash and I became paralyzed as to which color I should use for the back and if I should use batting or not with the duck/canvas.  So it got pushed aside.  Recommendations anyone?!

#3:  Swiss Cross quilt.  This quilt was supposed to be (and still is) for my husband's last birthday.  He has one quilt from me from 2008 and he's been asking for another one ever since.  I started this in January, knowing full well I wouldn't have it finished by his February birthday, but I never dreamed it'd still be sitting around now.  He always asks if I'm working on his quilt and I feel bad when I say no!  He has mandated I finish at least 1 square per every other project that I finish since other projects keep postponing this finish :).  I'd love to be able to give this to him for Christmas.

#4: Pomegranate Scrappy Star Baby Quilt.  Late last year I made a quilt using some Kona Pomegranate and fell in love with the color.  I wanted to use it as a background color and ended up using scrappy pinks, yellows, blues, and purples to piece a giant star in the middle.  This one needs basting, quilting, and binding.

#5: Growth Chart.  I started this growth chart for my son about 2 years ago.  At the time I was sewing on a machine that was dying and the quilting on it just turned out horribly and I had to rip out a lot of 1" spaced lines.  I really would like to finish this for my boy's room :)  Needs to be possible re-basted, quilted, binding.

#6:  St. Louis 16 Patch Baby quilt.  This is for a friend's little boy that was born late last month.  The top is made, back is made and just needs basting, quilting and binding.

#7:  A patchwork pillow.  I started to make this pillow case over a year ago for my son but got sidetracked.  The top is finished but needs some embroidery work and I want to use that dog and cat pirate fabric for the back.

#8:  Bloomin' Pillow.  This was my first go at Quilt As You Go.  I absolutely love the result.  I need to quilt two panels for the back of the pillow to do an envelope enclosure then finish this pillow up to gift to my mom.

#9: Ruffle Bib.  Not sure if this counts for the FAL as its not quilted but either way I just want to report it here for accountability reasons.  The front panel and ties are made, just needs some attention to finish it!

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  1. #8 - gorgeous - hopefully that gift was a "christmas" gift and therefore finished! lucky mom!