Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WIP Wednesday: June 25, 2014

This is the current state of my dining table.  I started working on making 3.5" 9 patches (those yellow and pink strips at the top) and then saw @makinglifeprettier's picture on Instagram of a spool and immediately knew I wanted to use some of my strip pieces from the 9 patches to make a spool mini quilt for my sewing room.  No time like the present to start a new project eh!?  I love that the text "men fashion" happened to fit perfectly into the spool block featured above.

And that orange pile of a mess?  Well thats my 3 year old's beloved dinosaur tail fresh out of the wash.  I made it for him when he was 10 months old, but it has only recently gained popularity.  We rediscovered it over a week and a half ago and it hasn't been off his body since (with the one exception of showering).  This past weekend we went camping and he wore it the entire time.  By the end of the trip it was caked in dirt, had a hole on the underside from rubbing the ground, and had also unfortunately been vomited on during our windy car ride back home.  I've got to get this thing ironed, patched, and stuffed so that all can be right in his world!

Here's the dinosaur tail tutorial I used.  Such an excellent tutorial (I've made 3 so far) and they are such a hit with kids.  I also like to embroider the child's name on the circle part that goes against their back for a little personalization. My son keeps telling me I need to make my daughter one… "purple with pink spikes for baby."  So I guess that's also a soon to be WIP :)

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