Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Penny Patch Finish

Here is my finished Penny Patch quilt!  I finished it mid December, but am only now getting the chance to share photos.  I fell hard in love with this one.  So much so I've decided to keep it for myself :)

I highly recommend the tutorial/quilt-along by Rachel over at Stitched in Color.  Such a fun quilt to think about colors, and its easy to put together.  The part that drove me the craziest was how long it took to quilt.  I first only quilted a single "X" through each 6" finished block, but the quilting done by Jolene of Blue Elephant Stitches on her Penny Patch quilt pushed me to do the denser grid.  I am so glad I spent the time doing it!  It adds such a wonderful dense texture to the quilt.  I know I chickened out on my original plan to do dogwood quilting, but I feel I want to first try that on a smaller project.

I had a really hard time deciding on a backing fabric for this quilt.  Use a dark plum? Or a bright pink?  Or a creamy low-volume print!?  In the end I am so thrilled with my choice, a Juliana Horner print from JoAnns.  I love that the creamy background of the roses seems to change colors in different light, sometimes looking more white or more pink.

I couldn't help including that last picture with my toddler's horse.  They were both helping with the photo shoot!  When my son saw this finished quilt he happily exclaimed "Oooh mama do that?!" That boy sure knows how to melt this mama's heart.

Linking up with all the finished Penny Patch Quilts...


  1. OMG gorgeous. Love your colours here. Had a boo through your blog - looks like we have similar taste in quilts. I love your wonky crosses! New follower!!!

  2. This is so yummy. I love those plum blocks in there. I'm not surprised you decided to keep this for yourself :-)
    And I'm glad your little people love it too.
    E xx

  3. Your color choices are great. This is such a great quilt to show off some good fabric.

  4. I find myself wishing I had quilted on more lines, but I wanted to finish----plus I don't machine quilt, so this was a real challenge.
    I even bought a walking foot, but still have a few pucker troubles.
    I finally got a picture posted on my blog today.
    I do love the design and if I didn't already have a line up of other quilts I want to get to work on, I would sure make another one.

  5. Oh, your quilt is beautiful, but your description of your son's reaction will stay with me for quite a while. I hope my little one says something similar one day - when he finds words! Again, your quilt is beautiful. I came over from the Lazy Quilter because she posted a picture and I loved your color choices!

  6. your quilt is stunning! great fabric choices.. I find picking fabric to be the most daunting- love your quilt!