Monday, October 13, 2014

Evolution of a pillow

Sept 21

Sept 22

Sept 23

Oct 1 

Oct 2 

Oct 2 

Oct 3 

Oct 3 

This is one of those projects where I truly enjoyed making this every single step of the way. The pattern comes from Rachel of Wooden Spoon Quilts.  She has an excellent tutorial for these raspberry kiss blocks you can find here.

This pillow is for my bestie, and her favorite color combo is pink and green.  I loved that this project was scrap friendly and I had so much fun digging through my bins finding all shades of pink and green fabrics.  I also loved that it got me busting out some long hoarded low-volume fabrics.  I tried color blocking my X's at first as you can see in the first photo but the more blocks I made the more I liked alternating the colors.  Then I tried for an ombre effect but then decided against it.  I like the way the values are thrown around randomly. It gives the pillow a little sparkle.  I was originally going to make an 18" pillow with the 4x4 layout above… until I ended up buying a 24" pillow form and was happy to have an excuse to make more :)

My bestie had visited me and seen the strawberry swap mini I had received from Rita (lostinoz1966 on flickr to see a photo) hanging up in my sewing room and told me she might steal it (a giant swoon block in Heather Ross pink and green strawberries with pink FMF seeds) so I knew I needed to use the same strawberry print for the back.  And pink bias stripe binding for the win!  If

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