Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nearly 1000 Triangles Quilt

It's been slow going on the quilting front so far this year.  I am really trying to stick to my guns and not start anything new and attack my giant pile of WIP's.  I have been making many cross blocks for my husband's soon to be quilt (item #3 in my  FAL 2013 Q4 project list) and am now waiting to receive what I hope is the correct Kona gray that I need as I ran out and have no idea what it was named (yikes!)

So in the meantime I thought I'd share some other 2013 finishes that never made it here.  Up first is my Nearly 1000 Triangles quilt.  My youngest sister was due for a new quilt.  I let her pick out the pattern as I wanted to make sure it'd be a quilt she'd really like to use in her dorm room.  Since starting quilting nearly 12 years ago (agh I feel old) I have always wanted to make a 1000 Pyramid quilt, so when she picked it amongst many I was thrilled!  That is, until I started to cut and sew up all the triangles.  Plus isosceles triangles aren't that straight forward to sew, which meant commence much seam ripping!

When I started this I consciously thought "no true greens" but the more I laid out the triangles the more I realized the colors were too flat.  I threw in a solid lime green and a few others greens from my scraps and it made a huge difference and really gave this quilt some pizzazz!

But anyway... The end result is wonderful and I am really happy with how this one turned out.  My sister says people pass by her room and always poke their heads in and say how much they like her quilt, which is lovely to hear :)  But I think it'll be awhile before I revisit these anytime soon!

I followed these instructions for cutting out the triangles from strips of fabric.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Looove the colours so much. And super beautiful pictures xx.

  2. Oh this is fabulous - like looking at jewels.