Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Finishes for the Q4 2013 FAL

So you may remember this post, where I outlined all the projects I was hoping to finish before today.  Well, I may have been a little ambitious because I only ended up finishing 3 and making some good headway on one other.

The projects I did finish were my baby fox quilt, baby bib, and my bloomin' quilt as you go pillow (above).  I have also started heavily quilting my scrap vomit quilt, it's about a third of the way finished so I'm pleased with that as well.  It's a beast of a quilt!  I will definitely be adding my left over projects to the Q1 2014 FAL.

A little bit about the Bloomin' QAYG pillow:
1. I love the end results
2. Great for using up scraps
3.  Love the unexpected texture of the pillow top
4.  The only hard thing for me was that a lot of each fabric strip ends up getting covered.  Sometimes I didn't plan correctly and a whole strip would get covered.  I kept thinking about the price of fabric and that it was getting 'wasted.'  But it's better than throwing the scraps out right?!  Not that I can ever bring myself to do that anyway though :)


  1. Very nice pillow.
    Hey Rachel, I drew your name as a winner of my giveaway. I sent you an email last night, to the address in your profile. Let me know if it didn't go through.
    E xx

  2. That pillow is awesome!!! I love the yellow fade to turquoise!!

  3. This is amazing. That quilting! Those colors!

  4. Love that pillow - will have to try that I think.